Monday, September 10, 2012

100 years

for labor day weekend we took a road trip to where josh and i grew up. ohio. we had a really good reason. it was josh's grandmother's one hundredth birthday. thirty-five family members met up at josh's parent's home to celebrate. there were tractor rides, kayak races,  water balloon fights, running races, bingo, find grossi's picture scavenger hunt, funny and sentimental toasts, and a large party given in her honor. 

josh took six pictures of her and blew them up and adhered them to foam board for decorations for the party. he then strung them on wire so all the guests could see what she looked like on her wedding day and various other days of her life. we also purchased jumbo mylar number balloons right here and then had them blown up at a grocery store once we got to ohio. we attached them to stakes in the ground and positioned them in the front yard so when guests walked down the drive way they could see them. 

naomi tompkins, aka grossi is such a quick, smart, funny, lovely and kind woman. she amazes me with her humor and warm heart. cheers to 100 years!

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