Thursday, August 30, 2012

a rainbow birthday party

we celebrated karoline and rory's 4th birthday in rainbow style on wednesday at a local playground in newport. it really makes me happy to bring all our friends together for a fun and celebratory occasion. 

i made the number 4 pinata from jordan ferney's tutorial right here. and the rainbow cake recipe is from this recipe right here. i didn't tell anyone there was going to be a rainbow inside so it was fun to hear people's reaction when i cut the first piece of cake. and josh was a huge help with wrapping that grand tree with the crepe paper from blick art supplies. that tree has such a personality. i thought it was going to start talking to us at some point or reach out a take a cupcake. 

the girls had fun with their friends and they kept coming up to me and giving me kisses. i think that has to be the best part of motherhood. the unsolicited kisses. and making birthday rainbows is pretty fun too.


  1. Besides being a great mother and phenomenal photographer, you rock as a four year old party giver. Unsolicited kisses are the fruit of motherhood...FYI.
    Enjoy the balance of your weekend.

  2. One word: awesome!

    Want to plan Milo's first birthday?