Wednesday, August 8, 2012

summer c.s.a.

we have been picking up our simmons organic farm c.s.a.(community supported agriculture) share every week for the last year now. it really is the simple things that make me happy. i take the girls to the farm and they feed the goats, talk to willow the pig and help me pick out our vegetables for the week. we also get eggs, and a share of meat.

does the area you live in have a farm that you can participate in a c.s.a.? if so, what is your favorite vegetable to bring home?

here are some of the recipes i have been making quite often with our c.s.a. vegetables. 

garlic swiss chard

lasagna primavera

athena's watermelon and feta salad (with kirby cucumbers, red onion, and mint)


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