Wednesday, August 15, 2012

rainbow birthday party invitation

karoline and rory's 4th birthday is coming up so we decided to have a party before school gets in full swing and everyone's schedules are packed. here's the invitation we made with a pencil eraser and paint. i have a thing for small multiples and the girls have a thing for rainbows so that's what we came up with. more pics to come from the actual party.


  1. Love it. I have a thing for small multiples too.
    You came up with a great invitation for your 4 year old daughters. Woohoo...and all before school starts.

  2. clever-love the invite....Angie Hitz

  3. thanks, ladies!
    mb, great to know you like small multiples for when you come to visit someday and i can line up a bunch of your favorite things all in a row.
    hi angie! you have the most clever ideas, lady! i still can't get over that crafting box you put together for the girls. that was so nice of you!

  4. Ha. I just saw your reply. I would love to come up and visit one day... I have been scanning the New England real estate for month dreaming about the beach house my husband and I are going to buy. Your previous posts have wetted my appetite for RI landscape. Although he has lived in New England before, Craig is a warm water kind of guy. He is looking in warmer climates. We live in Texas for goodness sakes, who needs more warm anything?

  5. Gosh. Two typos. I wanted to say that I've been scanning the New England real estate for a month. And that your previous posts have whetted my appetite. Oh well. Not enough morning coffee perhaps.

  6. i love all your pins for a dream beach house. how exciting!! i'll take a beach house no matter where it is. that will be so much fun scoping it out and decorating it (the best part!!) have an awesome weekend marybeth!