Wednesday, August 1, 2012

newport folk fest 2012

i am by no means a music critic. the last concert i went to was hootie and the blowfish in college. i have been singing along to my twin girls music together cd's more than any music intended for adults in the last year. however, as much as i am out of the loop with music, i might have just heard a performance by a musician at the folk fest that can catapult me back into the musical realm. ben sollee and his cello have put a trance on me now i am hooked.i guess you could say i have a bit of crush on ben. music crush that is. like a design crush that i usually talk about, only with music. he moved me to tears. and josh actually digs him too.

and if being a musical genius doesn't impress you enough, you may respect the fact that he and his band are on a "ditch the van tour". transporting themselves and their musical instruments on bike. starting in newport, rhode island with stops along the way up to portland, maine. whoa. now that is what i call respectable. commendable. and bow down on the ground worthy.

if you want to get your dose of ben check out the following:
-get his inclusion's cd for only $5 at amazon for the month of august
-hear his song premiere, "unfinished" from his new cd half-made man coming out september 25th. 

the second photo down is a picture i took of ben sollee and the apache relay band members jamming together.

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