Friday, January 21, 2011

a domino magazine house tour (oldie but goodie)

you know that old blanket or stuffed animal that is worn around the edges because you carried it around or slept with it so often as a child? or that favorite recipe you have in your recipe binder that is sprinkled with flour and has been used so often it's hard to see the print? well, domino magazine can be compared to the stuffed animal and recipe in this scenario. i use it as a reference for decorating all the time and i bring the corresponding month out to put beside my bed even though it is an archive. found out recently that is the source for some of domino's archived articles, so if you need a little fix go here.

this particular house was renovated by an architect team of hope dana and kate platt. they turned a faux-colonial into a modern farmhouse (one of my favorite types of architecture) in rural connecticut.  the two-over-two windows, the slate floors in the entryway, the cherry hardwood floors, the thonet bentwood chairs, the built-in bookshelves, and the white-on-white palette all make this one of my favorite houses.

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