Thursday, January 6, 2011

etsy and west elm

is it just me, or has west elm quickly become one of my favorite catalogs to flip through and get decorating and design ideas from? in my humble opinion they are really taking a step in the right direction with their collaborations with artists and their most recent collaboration with etsy seen right here on their website. the west elm website talks about etsy: "described as both a company and a community, etsy was established in 2005 to help people make a living by making things – and to connect buyers and sellers in a more personal way. the etsy community has since grown to span the globe with buyers and sellers coming from over 150 countries. there are currently hundreds of thousands of sellers with shops on" west elm has highlighted their favorite etsy shops in their recent catalog and you can go straight to the independent shops on to purchase these unique pieces. they also "collaborate with the etsy sellers on special events in some of our stores. called "i heart handmade" these pop up marketplaces enable etsy artisans to show their wares directly to our customers."

because there are so many artists on etsy these days i feel overwhelmed when searching the site. it was a relief to find west elm's collaboration with some of the etsy's artists to find some unique pieces that i didn't have to spend hours on the website searching for. it's like a juried hand made fair at your finger tips. cheers to this lovely partnership!
so for the next couple of days i'm going to post the etsy artists that were picked by west elm so you can check out some of their work.

image from west elm via design mom.

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