Wednesday, January 12, 2011


here are some recipes i have enjoyed making the past month that i wanted to share.

1. slow-cooker short rib ragu. i put this on top of trader joe's egg noodles with a large green salad and you have a great entertaining meal that is hassle-free.

2. lemon chicken soup with orzo. i made this on monday night and doubled the recipe so we could have lots of leftovers. via black eiffel.

3. zuppa toscana. josh is asking me to make this on his birthday he likes it so much. via stephmodo.

4. shortcut sloppy joes. i used ground turkey instead of ground meat and there is still lots of flavor.

5.  kale- walnut pesto pasta. so healthy and good!

6. cranberry harvest muffins. made these at christmas and the spices make this muffin.

7. pumpkin muffins. sshhh. don't tell anyone. i only had 1 egg left and i made this recipe even though it called for 2 eggs and it still turned out great and the girls inhaled them.

8. whole wheat pancakes. we made these on new years day topped with blueberries and they were so tasty we didn't even need syrup or sauce. the girls love it when i cut the pancakes into animal shapes with cookie cutters. via black eiffel.

image from here.

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