Saturday, January 1, 2011

polar bear plunge

we celebrated the new year with a trip to easton's beach for the annual polar bear plunge where grown men and women jump into the freezing atlantic ocean. it was 50 degrees and sunny today. about as warm as it gets on january 1st in newport, rhode island. as i was getting the girls dressed downstairs to go  josh walked by with a twinkle in his eye and a towel in his hand. i had no idea he had cooked up a plan to actually jump in the freezing cold water. but, he did! when we arrived there were hundreds, maybe even a thousand people there ready to ring in the new year with a plunge. there was so much energy and adrenaline streaming around in the air, i was almost tempted to strip down to my undies and pretend i was a european who didn't care and jump right in with everyone. but after a second of imaging that scenario, i quickly jumped back into reality and just watched from the sidelines.

see that tall man in the center of the photo with his head down? well, that's josh getting out of the water. yooohooooo to my husband, the brave soul of our family. maybe next year i'll get drunk beforehand and do it because inebriated is the only way to go in that ice bath.

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