Friday, August 26, 2011

happy weekend

happy weekend! hope all the east-coasters stay safe from irene. this is the first hurricane we have been up against living in newport, ri. so i'm praying she has another party to go to further out in the atlantic. anyway, we went to the save the bay aquarium today and the girls had a blast. they were picking up spider crabs larger than the size of their hands and they weren't afraid. i guess my goal to shepherd girls that aren't afraid to get dirty and who embrace nature instead of pink wearing princesses that get manicures and pedicures at age 3 has worked in some ways. no?!? we will be hunkering down from the storm, but i do have a craving for some garage sales and thrift stores on saturday morning. so hugs and kisses to you all and hope you enjoy this weekend and all that mother nature has planned.

image by paul costello

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