Wednesday, August 3, 2011

no cable=more book money

one of the things i have been loving about no cable tv this summer is the amount of books we have been reading in our spare time. instead of sitting down to turn on a show we don't like and is a waste of time we have been flipping through design books or reading intense mystery books from the library. we had some nice gift cards to use up at amazon so we ordered a bunch of books to keep us entertained. and we brought down a coffee table from the attic because the girls are now at an age where they don't use it as a platform to dive off of. here are the new ones we have been loving:

1. landscapes in landscapes by piet oudolf
2. an american vision: three generations of wyeth art by james h. duff 
3. alex katz in maine by sanford schwartz and alex katz 
4. gauguin: maker of myth. edited by belinda thomson with contributions by tamar garb, charles forsdick, vincent gille, linda goddard and philippe dagen. 
5. beloved homes! from ikea 
6. sy-love for textiles from ikea
7. monet's years at giverny: beyond impressionism by daniel wildenstein. (bought at a used book store)

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