Monday, April 2, 2012

around the house

some images from this weekend. the girls had a dinner and art show at their preschool on friday night. it was lovely to see them so excited about their work. and i found out a little fun fact while i was there that creativity is at its peak in the early childhood years. no wonder i am amazed by my girls on a daily basis with the artwork they create, their ability to entertain themselves with make believe stories, and how they find happiness from living in the moment instead of being attached to electronic devices and superficial things (like i do).

we also got caught up in the moment making hand shadow puppets. the lighting was just right in the corner of our home and the girls loved it. 

and i really lucked out at our public library this weekend. found these 3 fabulous books that i have been wanting to get my hands on for awhile. 


  1. Such lovely images. Especially of the girls making hand shadows.

  2. thanks, amy! appreciate you stopping by and hope you have a great week!-molly

  3. Hi there Molly,
    Wonderful happy photos. BTW, there is a short film on Chihuly that my girls watched when they were a little bit older than yours... about the process of making his art. The girls loved it. We saw it at the Austin Art museum, but I bet you can find it on Net Flicks.
    Have a great week.
    Marybeth Reid

  4. hi marybeth-

    thanks so much for the info. about the chihuly film. i will definitely have to look for it on netflix. hope you have a great week! -molly

  5. how fun mol! let me know how the bringing up bebe is. i had it on my list, but started the hunger games instead. : )
    dana xx

  6. hey dana! got to read that one too before i see the movie. it looks really good. hope all is well! the girls fell asleep in the car on late saturday afternoon while we drove around running errands and josh and i found ourselves stuck in the mini van during happy hour. so we brought some wine into the car and whispered while the girls were sleeping. oh, the joys of parenthood. knew you would appreciate it:) xoxo-molly