Monday, April 16, 2012

girls weekend in new york city

i'm really lucky. in 12 days i'm getting a sister. her name is briana and she is marrying my brother matt. i'm so happy for them. but i'm a little selfish in the fact that i will be able to call a really stylish, caring, energetic, confident and smart person (oh, and she knows how to haggle like a champ); my sister.

this weekend four women celebrated briana with a trip to new york city before she gets married. lots of girl time. walking. laughing. shopping, drinking wine. dancing. getting design inspiration from art galleries, furniture stores and boutiques. on saturday we walked around for 9 hours straight. of course there were a lot of stops for lattes, green juice, cookies the size of our head, french food and new york pizza. 

this was fun, this girls weekend. i think all women deserve a weekend like this. escaping and indulging in the good stuff. and then returning to their lives feeling refreshed, inspired and content. 


  1. I can't wait to see you!!!!xoxoxo

  2. Your photos are always so beautiful and graphically abstract. I enjoy them all.

    What a treat to be with gal pals for the weekend. Indulging in very good stuff.

  3. allison- can't wait to see you too!! countdown is 10 days!

    mb- thanks so much. you always warm my heart with the things you say.


  4. Your trip sounds fabulous! here did you stay? I'm planning a weekend to NY with my gorgeous sister in law too and want to find somewhere perfect to stay. I live in London and have never been to NY so don't know where to start?!

  5. hi lucy! thanks so much for reading my little blog. all 4 of us stayed in one room at a hotel in the financial district so we could easily walk to tribeca, soho, noho, west village, and chelsea and then take a cab home. our hotel was nothing special so i wouldn't recommend it, but a cup of jo did a guide to new york city and recommended some places to stay:
    also, i bought this book (sibella court stylist's guide to nyc) for my sis-in-law and it looked pretty rad for a summary of shopping in new york city. might be a fun gift for her before you leave:

    hope you have a great trip!! let me know if you have any other questions (although i'm not super knowledgeable about nyc). my email is

    take care,