Wednesday, April 4, 2012

travelogue: cassis, france.

cassis, france was our next stop on our spain/france trip last fall. it sits right on the mediterranean  sea, 12 miles east of marseille. there is just something special about experiencing the french culture right on this beautiful sparkling body of water in this quaint village. cassis wine (white or rose) and the cliffs and the sheltered inlets called calanques are what this town is known for.

we enjoyed the following things while we were here for one night:

1. packing a picnic with cassis wine, crusty bread, local cheese, and figs and sitting right on the beach and watching the sunset. 

2. the farmer's market on friday morning filled with local goodness from the provence region in france. it's all about the food, friends.

3. we did not have time to take a boat tour because we were busy sitting on our behinds, drinking wine and eating local food, but everyone said it was worth it to see the rugged coastline and the calanques.

4. this was one of our most laid back stops on our trip. we really enjoyed taking in all the beauty and sitting at a cafe and watching the boats come in and out of port.

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