Wednesday, April 11, 2012

newport folk festival 2012

i am buying my tickets today for the 2012 newport folk festival. we have never been because the girls have been too young, but this is the year! ben sollee, who i posted about here is performing along with some other stellar acts. after having kids i have to admit that i don't keep a close watch on music. npr and black eiffel's music mondays are my link to new musicians. so i am excited to hear some new music in an outdoor atmosphere right by the ocean this summer. 

photo by ryan mastro.

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  1. In Texas we have a few outdoors concerts that are growing in size each year... Austin City Limits is one.
    So envious that you are heading to the Newport Folk Festival. I have always wanted to go to this festival.
    Not sure if you know that NPR has a all music station of singer/songwriters. In Dallas it is KXT, I bet you have one too out of Providence? Or listen on line.
    Have a great weekend.