Thursday, July 12, 2012

book sale finds

we got back from maine on sunday night and i have so much inspiration from that area. lots of artists, fresh seafood and locally grown food, creative shops and a killer landscape that i could stare at all day long. we stayed at a friend's home in port clyde, maine. port clyde is the southernmost town on the st. george peninsula in the midcoast of maine. it's about two hours north of portland, maine and about a two hour drive to bar harbor, maine. you may recognize marshall point lighthouse (seen in my last post) as the lighthouse tom hanks ran to in the movie, forrest gump. port clyde has a general store, a little beach and lots of fir trees. 

we took day trips to many towns around port clyde. one of the best things about vacations is having down time to explore. on one of our day trips we saw signs all over rockport, maine advertising a book sale. i am such a sucker for a book sale so we followed the signs and ended up at a huge recreational center. the book sale was in the hockey arena. i was in heaven! it was the largest book sale i have ever been too. needless to say we spend hours in there and found some vintage booksbooks for the girls and even some records for my brother. they even had homemade cookies for the girls to eat while josh and i looked around. above are some of our's all about the covers and the graphic design of those covers.

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