Friday, July 13, 2012

celebration for josh

when we were in maine, my sweet parent's surprised josh (my husband) with a  dinner in honor of him passing all the landscape architecture exams. he is officially a licensed landscape architect. if you have a significant other or a friend that is an architect-you know that it's like jumping through hoop after hoop to fulfill all the state requirements and get a p.l.a. after your name. 

jonah's crab claws with curry sauce and cocktail sauce outside with adult beverages and cornhole. and then the party was moved inside because the mosquitoes were biting up a storm for a lobster dinner and a lemon cake bomb. and boy was that the best cake i have ever had. i think we all had leftovers for breakfast the next day.

i am so proud of josh. he is such a hard worker. the most creative  person i know. and makes me laugh so hard. and while he was working full time and studying his tail off for all the exams the last couple of years, he never neglected the girls. he would come home after studying at the library in time to put them to bed, tuck them in and read them story after story. i love him more and more each year i am married to him. so cheers to josh!


  1. Cheers to Josh! What an accomplishment! And what a nice that you are part of such a loving, supportive family. (And all of you have such amazing taste!)

  2. hey sarah! you rock! thanks for visiting and hope you are having a great summer on cape ann! xoxo-molly