Tuesday, July 10, 2012


i'm going to give it a go on some creative writing:

maine. she's like a woman who ages gracefully. with flowing gray hair. no cosmetic surgery. laugh lines and wrinkles that add to the character of her face. not manicured. but timeless and unpretentious. no glitz or glam. she's free from boundaries. her fir trees are aplenty. her islands are isolating yet evocative. painterly. and raw. she's not about show. she just is. 


  1. Phew. Wish I could have been in your LLBean boat bag.

  2. you could have probably fit in our x-large camo hunter's tote bag. i could have put a ice pack in to keep your legs cool too:) i wished we lived closer because i would love to meet you. are thinking about starting a blog? you have the best taste and i love your eye for interiors!!

  3. your photos of maine....and this little bit of poetry have me dying to go there. it's always been on my "bucket list" but now i can't shake it....