Wednesday, July 25, 2012

travelogue. san telmo museum. san sebastian, spain.

contrasts. old and new. delicate and rough. colors opposite on the color wheel. european cities are brimming with contrasts. the san telmo museum in san sebastian, spain is an example of one of these contrasts. the new addition to the museum was a joint effort between nieto sobejano architects and the artists leopoldo ferrán and agustina otero. the 16th century structure now features a cutting edge building extension made from aluminum panels and a green wall that invites growing vegetation to sprout. 

josh and i couldn't decide if the architecture was more potent during the day or night. the perforated holes danced with light at dusk and during the day the green vegetation was in stark contrast to the grey aluminum walls. 

read more about our trip to spain and france last fall here. and more about san sebastian here, here, and here.

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