Wednesday, May 2, 2012

congratulations to matt + briana

my brother, matt, and his beautiful, stylish, smart and fun briana got married last friday, april 27th in newport, rhode island. i am so happy for them. they really do bring out the best in each other. they radiated love and fun the entire weekend and thus, helped the guests to have a most epic time.

the wedding ceremony was held outside right on the ocean at belle mer in newport. there was a magical blue sky with lots of wind blowing from the heavens on friday. i was my brother's 'best woman' so i stood beside my bro and got to see briana's face during the entire ceremony. she was glowing. her face was lit up with rays of sunshine and she was beaming from the inside out. 

and talk about a spiritual moment. with the wind blowing. standing right by the sea. blue sky above. surrounded by family and friends. and thoughtful words exchanged between a couple that were so in love you could feel it in the air. it really was a special ceremony. being outside during this wedding has to be one of my all time happiest moments in my life. i want to bottle up that feeling. my relative from germany said he even saw a pair of seagulls flying overhead when they were exchanging their vows. wow!

my brother has a huge heart and at the end of the ceremony i saw a tear run down his cheek. he felt it too!

so cheers to matt and briana!i love you so much!

photo from snap! photography.
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  1. Smiling and smiling while reading your post. It just doesn't get better.

  2. thanks so much, marybeth! have been going through wedding withdrawal all week because it was so much fun last weekend. -molly