Thursday, May 10, 2012

around the house

some images from around the house today. it has been rainy the last couple of days and this morning while i was in yoga class at the ymca clearing my head from everyday worries and clutter; the sun came out. so i picked the girls up and we headed to the playground. we jumped in left over puddles, yelled at the top of our lungs (because there was no one else there) and picked buttercups. we then came home and made chocolate chip cookies. stuffed our face and took a nap. when we woke up the lighting was killer around the house so i took some pictures. hope you enjoy!


  1. Amazing how a little sunshine gives us renewed your pictures. R u using any filters or just a DSLR? Camera envy is setting in...

  2. hi E! no filters-just a dslr. canon EOS rebel T3. hope you have a great weekend and mother's day!