Tuesday, May 15, 2012


how was your weekend? i hope you were able to indulge in all your favorite things if you are a mama. and i hope your family surrounded you with love and hugs and kisses.

i wasn't lucky enough to be with my mom for mother's day this year because my parents were just in town for my bro's wedding. but, these are some things i love about my mom, pam lubs. 

-her respect and caring nature to everyone she talks to. from the toll booth operator to the grocery store check-out person. she treats everyone like they are the president of the united states.

-we appreciate her kind and thoughtful packages filled with holiday goodness. 

-her supportive, positive, and loving  phone conversations that brighten our day. i really should be paying her a therapist's fee some days.

-her fabulous clothing finds for all of us. she used to be a children's wear buyer before i was born and she still has it in her.

-her stylish, thoughtful, and happy expression of life is contagious.  

-her awesome planning and organizational ability. 

-the way she is such a great friend to so many people. 

-the energy and zest she has for life, museums, music and culture. 

we love her so much!


  1. Your mama is one lucky gal to have a daughter like you who values her gifts as a person and as a mom.
    Happy Mother's day.

  2. what a sweet post! you're girls are darling btw. I love how they are wearing chucks with their dresses! And p.s. I'm a Tompkins too (or I suppose I should say, was, it was my maiden name). Love your blog!
    xo . trina