Wednesday, May 30, 2012

sullivan's island, south carolina

we arrived home yesterday afternoon from a visit to the low country. sullivan's island, south carolina is where josh's brother and his family have a beautiful vacation home. the tropical storm did not rear it's ugly head and we had some fun in the sun. it was truly a relaxing island vacation.

walking to the beach and seeing porpoises diving in and out of the water. the girls playing and giggling with their 4 cousins. collecting sea shells. concocting new drinks (nine fiddy) with the orange/tangerine/lemon citrus fruit they had growing in their yard (we still have not identified the name of it). salt water hair. morning walk on beach at low tide. eating at poe's tavern. going for a boat ride and discovering a little island where we anchored and explored. my nephew fishing there where he caught and released a baby shark and sting ray. the girls getting braver in the pool with their cousins. and no connection to the internet which made for more present living.

i'm unpacking today and finding lots of sand and the lingering salt water smell in clothes. i might not even wash them.  i don't want to wash away that vacation feel.

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