Monday, June 4, 2012

sorting, sachuest, strawberries, and sugar


does anyone else out there hate cleaning? i'm a stay-at-home mom at this current stage of life and i can't stand it. so ironic isn't it. mrs. meyers lemon verbena counter spray and method lavender wipes don't even sway my hatred. because we were gone last weekend and i was recovering all week from the binge drinking we did over memorial day, our house was in a sad state of affairs. i was almost thankful that it rained buckets on saturday so it forced me to stay inside the house and do exactly what i hate the most-clean. but, once i was 10 minutes into it it really wasn't that bad. i'm such a procrastinator. and i didn't only clean. i purged drawers. organized the girls artwork from this entire first year of preschool and sorted through bowls and galvinized bins of paperwork and memory accumulation. the good thing is i feel like a new woman! all organized and sparkly all over. but, i still would love to indulge in a green cleaning crew every other week or so. 

(and i guess i should add that my husband rocks. i never have to clean alone. he always helps too. with that and parenting the girls. i need to start looking for a killer father's day gift for him)

so after we sorted on saturday and could eat off of our spic and span hardwood floors; the sun appeared on sunday. our 6:15 am wake up call from the girls didn't even phase us because we were excited about all the things we wanted to do on sunday. we headed to sachuest point national wildlife refuge for a hike. and as you can see i got lots of kisses from karoline. 

we also went strawberry picking at quonset view farm (i didn't take any pictures because i had my hands full from all the berries). we got a little carried away with the picking so i had to come up with some recipes stat when we returned home with all the sweet, ripe for eating now, goodness. so we made strawberry frozen yogurt and a strawberry rhubarb crumble. nothing like a little sugar to make twin three-year-olds rowdy enough that the neighbors want to call the cops because of a noise violation (that didn't happen, but i was ready to call the cops to have them take my daughters away:)

anyway, that's what happened this weekend. i'll be eating strawberry rhubarb crumble off my clean floors this week while my girls recover from their sugar high.

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  1. LOL...I am OCD and clean all the time but only on the surface so only partially OCD :P But this week the rain set in and I did some serious cleaning. Mind you, I was dreaming of the day I could hire a housekeeper. Read about it here.