Tuesday, June 19, 2012

this weekend

hope you all are enjoying the start to summer!! i have an overwhelming feeling of freedom when summer comes along. i think it's the result of growing up in the mid west and now having the opportunity to go the beach everyday and swim in the salt water, see the horizon, and hike in beautiful settings. it really has made me more relaxed and content in life. i'm not sure if it's living in rhode island or the fact that i'm doing yoga. but, it feels good and i'll take it.(i also should say that i love ohio and i love going back there. my heart aches for it sometimes.)

anyhow, this weekend we took advantage of the free visits the preservation society of newport county was offering. breakfast at corner cafe for father's day and then tours of the breakers. and the isaac bell house.

hope you all are well and thank you for reading my little blog!


  1. Sounds like a lovely weekend. And brings back so many memories of living in Providence and Bristol. I agree, there is something about seeing the horizon and being by the water. I went to college in the midwest and love the big sky feeling, but being by the ocean was a completely different and beautiful feeling.

  2. hi shalini! you have such a beautiful name and beautiful blog. i really enjoyed looking at your photography! you have such a great eye. thanks! -molly