Wednesday, June 6, 2012

i want to live here

i want to walk around barefoot holding a cold drink after going to the beach in this house. i want to lean my hypothetical surfboard against the entrance in this house. and i want to wear a kaftan and sit on that couch and read the girls a story in this house. please excuse me, i'm experiencing just a bit of house envy.

this is the home of dewey and stephanie nicks in carpinteria, california.  i spotted this beauty when josyln taylor pinned the living room  on pinterest (which was originally pinned by rachel jones of black eiffel) which led me to the post in apartment therapy about the home and it's architect, barbara bestor of bestor architecture. and i also found an article in the la times magazine about it here. as well as a home tour on martha stewart right here.

many publications have written about it, and i am thrilled to have seen it. i'm storing these images away. or maybe i should build a vision board, oprah style, around the photos in hopes they come true.

anyway, hope you enjoy taking a peek inside this house as much as i do! 

images from bestor architecture.

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