Monday, June 11, 2012

in the city

our family of four headed up to boston this weekend to stay with matt, my bro and new sister, briana for the first time since they were married in april. we got to use all their sharp knives that cut like a dream, new bamboo cutting boards,  and sleep on fresh new sheets that they got as wedding gifts. we even helped them put a dent in the left over candy from the wedding. they are such a spunky and fun married couple and i'm so happy for them.

on saturday we got up and took the subway into boston and walked around for @ 6 hours. the north end. faneuil hall. beacon hill. newbury street. copley square. my favorite parts were the tapas we had at wagamama. getting to see the store where my brother is manager of retail operations- ball and buck. the almond croissants from cafe vanille in beacon hill. the curiosity/antique/jewelry/home decor store called good. the enormous alliums in the boston public garden. and the girls being able to walk around barefoot in a water fountain park on the greenway.

briana and matt also threw a party on saturday night. they rock it in that department. they always have great music playing, they never stress about getting everything ready, and they make a special drink for the night. the red sangria was my favorite.

hope you all are doing well and getting excited for summa, summa, summa time!


  1. Boston. My favorite town for sure. I lived there twice. Looks like the weather was fabulous. What a treat.
    Good on Charles is one of the first places I head to when I visit Boston. My daughter worked there for a few years before heading to NY. It is always so easy to go home with a treasure from that well edited store.
    Thanks for sharing your photos.
    Marybeth Reid

  2. hi marybeth! thanks for stopping by and that is great your daughter worked at good. so many unique things. and so well edited, like you said. love it! have a great week! -molly