Tuesday, June 19, 2012

to my dad

i'm a little behind with this, but since i wrote the things i love about my mom for mother's day i thought it would be appropriate to write about my dad. we also saw this sign in rockport two summers ago and it cracked me up. here are the things i love about my dad, pete lubs. 

- his integrity. he is the most honest and respectable person i know. 

- the way he starts laughing and can't stop. his face turns red and then he starts scratching  his head. i nearly wet my pants every time it happens. 

- his love for the simple pleasures in life: popcorn, taking walks, fly fishing, morning coffee, topsiders and being in nature. 

- his love of jazz music and english bands. in middle school, he would drive me to school in the morning and i would get exposed to it . wasn't really a fan then, but it subconsciously rubbed off on me and now it's my favorite music. 

- the way he dedicates his time to help people. church committees, meals on wheels, historical society, dunham tavern museum and board member at the metzenbaum center. 

- his discipline with swimming and eating healthy foods. 

- he is a rock. his ability to remain calm and never get nervous. he has traveled to many countries through his job and had to give talks to many people and it never phased him. he is so smart.
- his positive and supportive voice on the phone.

- the way the girls light up when they hear his voice or see him. 

thanks for being the best dad and grandfather!!

(i also wrote about my dad here if you want to check it out)

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