Friday, May 25, 2012

if you are in the mood to laugh

hope you all have a nice relaxing long weekend. we are heading to sullivan's island in south carolina to visit josh's family. i hope his family still loves me after seeing my whiter than white pastey winter yankee legs. guess i need to invest in some self tanner, but didn't get a chance this week. oh well! 

here are some links to my favorite comedy skits that always evoke a laugh with a snort because that's how my laugh comes out these days. hope you enjoy!

1. maya rudolph and kristen wig on saturday night live. super showcase. i love it when they crack each other up.

6. peter from the cosby show gets a ride from bill. we have been watching the cosby show with the girls and josh and i end of laughing our heads off. it really is the best show that was ever on television.

7. any comedy clip by brian regan. here is his website. 

what are your favorite comedy clips? would love to hear. 

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