Monday, November 5, 2012

around the house

as i snapped some pictures around our house this morning i realized that my design aesthetic has gone through a metamorphosis the past eleven years. when josh and i were first married in 2001 and living in cleveland heights, ohio we watched "trading spaces" and had a hunkering to paint rooms different colors to achieve more of a theme. then when we lived in syracuse, ny and were both attending graduate school we adopted the clean lines and scandinavian look because we didn't have time to fuss and wanted less hassle. when we lived in belmont, mass. we had a black, white and gray color scheme with very minimal accessories (could have stemmed from the fact we had twin baby girls that would put everything they touched in their mouth). now, i feel like i can never have too many books, different accessories, or paintings/artwork displayed to express who we are as a family. i like more of a eclectic, cozy, textural feel in my surroundings. have you changed the way you decorate your house over the years?

i feel like this is a universal thought. as you travel, meet new friends, go through life's peaks and valleys, and are exposed to cultures or living situations (urban/country) your viewpoint on life changes. we each are individuals and have walked a different path. i feel like these experiences directly effect your political viewpoints, religion, or the type of painting you choose to purchase. 

when i think back at the type of person i was in 2001; my political viewpoints and design aesthetic were very different from who i am today. i won't tell you in what political direction they have changed because that's not what this blog is about. but i can tell you about my decorating. it's gone from more traditional to more bohemian through the years.


  1. Ok, first of all, your house is GORGEOUS! so warm and personal, but also clean and modern. When I was in my 20s, I was mid-century modern all the time. Then I started giving into some boho leanings a little bit (growing up in Santa Fe and living in India), and now, my boyfriend is very lake cottage-ish. Our house (which he had before I came along has the white picket fence, and American flag and lots of Pottery Barn. SO... we are learning how to meld all that, which is really, really fun. For his home office he let me pick out a Parsons desk and replace his striped curtains for very simple ones and he loves it :) Apologies for the lengthy comment, but i love this post! Warmest, Jessica

  2. hi jessica! thanks so much for writing! appreciate your kind words.