Thursday, November 15, 2012

in this instance, judge a book by it's cover

do you use your local library? i do. i take full advantage. the girls have a story time every thursday afternoon with other kids their age. i enjoy talking with the other parents (i met my two best friends in newport at the library). saying hello and how's your week going to the librarians or trading a quip. checking out the new arrivals in the fiction and non-fiction areas. swifting through the movies to see if there are any i'm dying to see. and flipping through the magazines i don't have a subscription for, like dwell, downeast, architectural digest and the new york times magazine. 

i feel like this thursday library routine and all the other routines we have in our life (exercise, yoga, meeting a friend for coffee, church, class, commute, grocery shopping, farmer's market) aren't so little. the little things add up to a greater sense of community and camaraderie. and it's this feeling that helps me and i think so many other people feel fulfilled and happy during the fall and winter months when sunlight is scarce and there isn't so much to do outside. what can i say, i like routine, structure and a brand new book to read from my thursday visit to the library.

on that note, have you read any good books lately? i just finished 'where'd you go, bernadette' by maria semple. it's witty, quirky, quick, and i read 150 pages in one night because i couldn't stop. the cover is pretty fantastic, which is so not the case for new fiction covers. go ahead. judge this book by it's cover. it's okay.  


  1. I am at the library all the time, for work and for fun. Just yesterday, I dropped by to pick up a stack of audiobooks for a long drive I had. Bernadette is on my holds list but hasn't come in yet. I loved End of Your Life Book Club and have been raving about it obsessively to everyone I meet. I also want to read The Yellow Birds soon- heard it was fantastic.

  2. have to add those two books to my request list. thanks so much! and forgot about audiobooks. haven't taken advantage of those in a long time-that's a great idea, especially for long car rides.