Wednesday, April 24, 2013

coastal homes in port clyde, maine

when we were in maine last week for the girl's spring break i couldn't help but take these photos of some coastal homes in port clyde. the architecture of these homes embody my design aesthetic. the simple clean lines. grey shingle siding. cape cod style home with 2 over 2 windows. painted white. now i just need to get the guts to ring the door bell and ask to see the interiors.


  1. Ring the door bell. Oh please.
    You know, when all of my jumbled esthetic boils down, the honest clapboard, two over two, painted white wins out. It is buried in my soul.
    Thanks for your beautiful photos of costal Maine.

  2. thanks, marybeth! i was in harvard square yesterday meeting up with old friends and thought of you while i was walking on brattle street. didn't you live around there? pretty time of year. wanted to walk up to so many houses and ring the door bell to see the inside:)

  3. I am amazed at your wonderful memory girl. Yes, I worked in Harvard Square in the old Design Research building. I first lived on Story Street just off of the Square and then down Brattle street. I rode my bicycle everywhere.
    Thanks for thinking of me. It is such a lovely time of year.