Tuesday, April 2, 2013

easter dinner

it is difficult for my family to sit back and not make a fuss about a holiday. we really get into all the preparations, including setting the table, finding a centerpiece, coming up with a menu. everyone is involved in the process and is spirited about the special day. for easter we decided to do a family dinner at my parent's house in maine on saturday night because we had to drive home on sunday. the dinner included ham, mustard sauce, deviled eggs, scalloped potatoes with leeks, a green saladasparagus, and hot cross buns. and for dessert i made coconut cupcakes and creamy lemon squares.


  1. Oh, how beautiful. That makes me feel warm and fuzzy :) And I'll definitely have to make those potatoes!

  2. hi jessica! thanks so much. the scalloped potatoes take a long time to make but everyone liked them. this is the second easter i have made them. hope you have a great week!! xoxo-molly