Tuesday, April 2, 2013

marshall point light house

i could not make a trip up to maine without showing you some of the natural beauty that lies within it's borders. there really is something about that state that calms me and centers me. 

josh took the girls on a little hike around marshall point light house in port clyde, maine on saturday after they were feeling a little better from being sick. he took these photos while i was at home getting ready for the easter meal. i love the striations in the rocks and the coloring of the lichens on the rocks.

all photos by joshua tompkins.


  1. i love coming to your blog because the world looks different than mine. we both have girls the same age, and probably have very similar lives in many regards, i'm sure we both have nearby targets, yet our surroundings-the land, colors, wind, and architecture still give us our own very unique sense of place. it refreshing to see non-homogenized beauty. my pulse slows and my eyes feel refreshed looking at your life. xx

  2. you are such a beautiful writer and you warmed my heart! thank you for your kind words. i was feeling the same way about your images from mexico. the exotic feeling, the colors, and warm temperatures with sunshine. it's different from what i know, but i can feel the sense of calm and repose in your images. it is such a treat to see another part of the world and hear about your sense of place.