Wednesday, April 3, 2013

more from maine

here are some more pictures from our trip to maine. after looking them over, i guess we packed a lot into three days. we celebrated my brother's birthday complete with a nature made cooler in the snow, blueberry pie and lemon bomb cake. the girls loved exploring my parent's backyard and they also loved fighting over who got to curl up in wiggy's dog bed. we broke up the five hour drive on the way home by stopping in cape elizabeth, maine for a little walk to crescent beach. and i don't think i have worn as many bright colors together in one day as i did on easter. after a long new england winter, i guess i was feeling the spring elation.


  1. love the wally's workshop book and the mismatched crystal glasses. and of course, a glimpse of you too! beautiful.

  2. Wally looks like Pete (Dad) in the photo!!!

  3. he sure does. dad in the 70's with sideburns.