Tuesday, March 26, 2013

d.i.y. play dough

the mushiness. the squishiness. it really is therapeutic to run your fingers through these globs of goo. not like i spent a good chunk of time this morning doing just this. ha. and the bonus is the play dough smells springy and fruity because they are made with jell-o. the girls and i made the four colors above after school two weeks ago. we kept them in air tight containers and we- i mean they-have been playing with them since. they have been using kitchen tools, like butter knives and forks to let their imaginations soar. i'm a big fan of this recipe. it's inexpensive. your kiddies get to participate in the entire process of making the play dough. and then they get to enjoy the fruits of their labor while playing with it for weeks afterwards.

here is the recipe from modern parents messy kids.


  1. The colors are so beautiful, as is springtime in your last post. I must admit I have been a bit lazy in this department. I still buy play dough and secretly love the smell as it reminds me of childhood. I'm going to give this a try, I know the girls would love the project. At preschool, they add essential oils to them too. It looks like you're enjoying a great spring. xx

  2. hi karina! hope you and your family are having so much fun on your vacation in the sun. the essential oils sounds like a great idea. i remember going to our organic grocery store to buy tea tree and eucalyptus oil to put on the girls socks and shoes before summer camp to prevent ticks and bugs. now i want to go back and buy the lemon and lavender to spritz around the house. thank you-you always have great ideas! xoxo-molly

  3. Perfect timing Molly. I have made playdough many times before, my most recent batch was well used. My granddaughter Eleanor was asking to make more just a day ago. You have saved me from looking for a recipe on line.
    i love the idea of adding essential oils to the equation.
    Have a wonderful Easter weekend.

  4. hi mary beth! hope you had a fabulous easter weekend with your family! just returned home last night from a quick trip to maine to celebrate with family. have fun making the play dough with eleanor - what a sweet, sweet name:)