Tuesday, March 19, 2013

field trip to the natural history museum in providence

i love natural history museums. i confess i am a big fat anthropology (not anthropologie because i can't afford it unless it's on the clearance rack) dork. whether it's the harvard natural history museum the girls and i went to numerous times the first years of their life. or the one in cleveland that i grew up going to (and even attended a prom at). or the providence one we went to today.  i feel at home. there is an authenticity. a rawness and realness about them. all those natural and cultural artifacts in one building make me giddy. i think i may have passed down this passion to my girls. well maybe just one of them. k was more interested in the butterfly stickers at the gift shop and  wanting to hightail it to trader joe's for some almond ring danish.  but, we had to tear r away from the mars exhibit after visiting it for the second time after we had already walked around for two hours. she made me promise that we would come back. yes, r we will. and i may have some carl sagan movies that i think you may like.

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