Tuesday, March 12, 2013

scarf dyeing class

this saturday josh scooted me out of the house and said go have fun- everything is taken care of at home with the girls. um, okay. i won't object to that. so i grabbed my rubber gloves and coffee and made my way to new bedford, massachusetts for elin noble's scarf dyeing class. 

elin noble is an internationally recognized textile artist so i was thrilled to get the chance to see her studio and meet her. it was a three hour class.  i really enjoyed the entire process from picking out a shibori scarf pattern, gathering the fabric through the heavy duty string, dipping it in an indigo vat, unraveling the scarf to see the results, rinsing out the excess indigo in a water and vinegar bath, to drying the scarf and seeing the final product- a wearable piece of art.

it was a fun way to spend a saturday morning. i could get used to these art classes for adults. haystack mountain school of craft i'm talking to you.


  1. love that. It's so interesting to see all the steps that go into the process!

  2. hi erin! thanks so much for stopping by. it was nice that it wasn't too long of a process. kept me engaged and busy for a couple of hours. take care! xoxo

  3. the pictures are beautiful and the class sounds like it would be really interesting. i bet you could translate it into a fun project for you and your girls!