Friday, March 8, 2013

happy weekend

what are you up to this weekend?  whatever it may be, i hope that it brings you happiness.

josh has been working hardcore on a project deadline this week so we are excited to have him back in our lives tonight. the girls and i made homemade play dough yesterday. the lighting has not been right to take pictures so i'm hoping to share the squishy goodness with you next week. 

we were going to head to ikea today, but the weather turned out to be like we just stepped into the arctic so we decided to make our own cinnamon buns. because for four-year old girls and possibly a thirty-six year old woman, the trip to ikea is all about the cinnamon buns.the entire process of making the buns has been a lesson in patience with the amount of time devoted to the dough rising. can't wait to sink my teeth into those suckers. 

tomorrow i am taking some time out for myself and heading to a scarf dying class with elin noble. i am so excited to see her studio and to dye a hand-woven shibori scarf in an indigo vat. 

the interior designer for the image above is lorenzo castillo. check out his work here. via habitually chic.


  1. how was the scarf-dying class? i recently bought procion dye and am using it on canvas. love the effect so far. i'd love to take a textile or pottery class sometime this year. curious to hear how you liked it.

  2. hi karina! i can't wait to see how you incorporate the dye on canvas. it was fun.loved using my hands and seeing the final result in a three hour time span. xoxo