Wednesday, March 13, 2013

risd art museum

some images from our sunday trip as a family to the risd art museum. the girls are learning about famous artists this month at school so i thought it would be appropriate for them to see some of the paintings in real life. and josh had a killer work week last week and being enveloped in art tends to rejuvenate the soul.


  1. What is that first picture of? Intriguing in its similar lines/contrasting colors!

  2. Really interesting quote on the plaque. More than the jerk of pleasure, life is so noisy that I feel like I need to hide under water or anywhere in order to even hear the idea itself. And I love the big blue wall of art!!

  3. thanks, karina!
    hi sarah! the pink triangles were part of an outside sculpture at the entrance of the museum. i love the contrast with the green ground covering underneath.