Monday, March 4, 2013

shades of yellow

well, hello there! hope you all are doing well and getting excited for the beauty, fresh colors, and warmer air that spring is going to bring. after a february filled with bronchitis i am ecstatic about the approaching season. this weekend included scrubbing the floors and cleaning the house, listening to the girlies sing in church, enjoying a visit from josh's friend from connecticut, and sitting down to a meal at perro salado together. 

the luminosity and brilliance of the color of yellow is making me very happy this monday morning.

image sources:
1. gilles & boissier's apartment in D pages
2. lemon tapis from millimetres paris
3. bonpoint yellow dress
4. clair vivier la pochette neon
5. necklace by othmar zschaler halsreif 1971 via gretchen jones's pin.
6. flower curtain strand
7.pretty mommy's pop up shop on sunniest 6 months. photo by dulldiamond.
8. photo by jean-francois jaussaud for the new york times style magazine.


  1. I hope your bronchitis has all vanished! Yellow is always the best color to chase away the gloom. I am obsessed with that curtain of flowers...sigh.

  2. hi there! it seems that our little ones are the carriers to all the nasty viruses. lovely. hope your mama is doing better and cheers to spring and all it's healthy energy.